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Management of Biological Invasions

2010 vol 1

Cover Pampa-grass (Cortaderia selloana) within a Mediterranean shrub composed by Pistacia lentiscus and Rubus ulmifolius. This species has broadly invaded warm areas.

Table of Contents

DANA ED & GRAHAM J Editorial Letter - Management of Biological Invasions: Opening the journal.

VERLOOVE F Invaders in disguise. Conservation risks derived from misidentification of invasive plants.

GUILLOT D & VAN DER MEER P Nuevos taxones vegetales alóctonos de jardinería en el área continental de NE de España: comportamiento e historia.

PINO-DEL-CARPIO A, MIRANDA R & PUIG J Non-Native freshwater fish management in Biosphere Reserves.

DANA ED Rapid assessment of populations trends of invasive species: Singular Spectrum Analysis (SSA).

RUDENKO M & HULTING A Integration of chemical control with restoration techniques for management of Fallopia japonica populations.



Call for papers

Dear contributors:

You are kindly invited to consider this peer-reviewed, international journal for submission of your results and experiences on ecological and socio-economical management of invasive species

We have received enquiries offering participation. In case you are interested in contributing as Handling Editor and/or Journal Assistant please, contact the Editorial Team. Remember to submit a short CV (max. 1000 words).

2011 vol 2

Table of Contents

YOHANNES T, AWAS T & DEMISSEW S Survey and documentation of the potential and actual invasive alien plant species and other biological threats to biodiversity in Awash National Park, Ethiopia

BAKKER JA, PAETZOLD C, QUIJÓN PA & DAVIDSON J The use of food grade oil in the prevention of vase tunicate fouling on mussel aquaculture gear

PARENT M, PAETZOLD C, QUIJON PA & DAVIDSON J Non Perforation with and without vinegar injection as a mitigation strategy against two invasive tunicates, Ciona intestinalis and Styela clava

COPSEY JA, SHELBOURNE G, GRICE R, GODER M, BUCKLAND S, JHUMKA Z, NUNDLAUL V, JONES C & COLE N Possible control of introduced giant African land snails (Achatina spp.) by the reintroduced endemic skink Leiolopisma telfairii, Ile aux Aigrettes, Mauritius

HARDIN S, DONLAN E, WARD M & EGGEMAN D Attempted eradication of Porphyrio porphyrio Linnaeus in the Florida Everglades

INNAL D Distribution and impacts of Carassius species (Cyprinidae) in Turkey: a review