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Management of Biological Invasions

Aims and Scope


To promote the quality of standard, each manuscript will be subjected to a blind review process by two independent referees and by one associate editorThe review process usually takes 2 weeks. A world-wide authorship is strongly encouraged since once of the aims of Management of Biological Invasions is to provide a broad exchange of knowledge and experiences. 


Journal subjects include:  


 Management Results and Case Studies: Dealing with the many problems posed by biological invasions can often be a long-term and/or unremitting process but can also boast successful eradicationsThis section focuses on all those control and management experiences, from scientific initiatives to those practical, applied and adaptive solutions. The journal provides an opportunity for professionals, institutions, companies, etc. to publish findings of initiatives that may have originated under suboptimal or unconventional methodological designs and techniques.


 New records/dynamics: New species, invasion processes or ecological relationships


 Special Topics: Emerging issues, even at the local or regional scale, which could serve to promote thought and launch debate and/or new ideas.


 Management Innovations: The Journal publishes innovative approaches, results, or experienced-based suggestions on:


a) Risk Analysis and Early Warning Systems: methodological approaches may be model-based or experience-based (expert-criteria). Although the statistical modelling approach is most welcome, experience-based results or proposals will be considered for review (in this case please contact the responsible editor).


b) Cost-benefit Analysis: realistic (applied) methodological proposals, implementation or case-specific application of current methodologies and approaches are included.


c) Society and Policy: open response forum for letters and notes relating to Sociological Aspects and public perception of invasion management programs, management policies, social conflicts, synergies or impedance of management activities


Technical/Scientific Reports: will be considered for publication as Special Issues. Depending upon their length, review process may take more than 2 weeks. The style must adhere to that indicated in Author Guidelines.


Call for papers

Dear contributors:

You are kindly invited to consider this peer-reviewed, international journal for submission of your results and experiences on ecological and socio-economical management of invasive species

We have received enquiries offering participation. In case you are interested in contributing as Handling Editor and/or Journal Assistant please, contact the Editorial Team. Remember to submit a short CV (max. 1000 words).