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Management of Biological Invasions

Editorial Board


Editor-in-Chief: Elías D. Dana (Universidad de Almería, Spain)




Editorial Assistant: Manuel A. Guerrero (Environmental Consultant)


Associate Board:


· María Altamirano (Universidad de Málaga, Spain)

· Christopher Buddenhagen (Florida State University)

· Djami Djeddour (CABI, United Kingdom)

· Juan García de Lomas (Universidad de Cádiz, Spain)

· Jose Rafael Garrido (Consultant Wildlife Management, Spain)

· Francesca Gherardi (Università di Firenze, Italy)

· Jim Graham (Colorado State University, IABIN Invasives Information Network, I3N)

· Daniel Guillot (Fundación Oroibérico, Spain)

· Jonathan Jeschke (Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany)

· Emilio Laguna (CIEF-Generalitat Valenciana, Spain)

· Sandy Lloyd (Western Agriculture Department, Australia)

· Rafael Miranda (Universidad de Navarra, Spain)

· Shyama Pagad (Species Information Services, IUCN, SSC, Invasive Species Specialist Group -ISSG-, University of Auckland, New Zealand)

· Aníbal Pauchard (Laboratorio de Invasiones Biológicas, Chile)

· Juan L. Rodríguez Luengo (Servicio de Biodiversidad. Gobierno de Canarias, Spain)

· Alan Saunders (Landcare Research, New Zealand)

· Mario Sanz-Elorza (Ministerio Economía y Hacienda, Spain)

· Alan Tye (Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme, SPREP)

· Filip Verloove (National Botanic Garden, Belgium)


Call for papers

Dear contributors:

You are kindly invited to consider this peer-reviewed, international journal for submission of your results and experiences on ecological and socio-economical management of invasive species

We have received enquiries offering participation. In case you are interested in contributing as Handling Editor and/or Journal Assistant please, contact the Editorial Team. Remember to submit a short CV (max. 1000 words).